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How does communication usually flow?

We are strong proponents of transparent and open communication because we believe that good communication can make a significant difference in the results of a collaboration.

In addition to monthly meetings where we analyze progress and decide on next steps together, or Zoom meetings where we discuss every detail thoroughly, our preferred channel is WhatsApp – quick and always at hand. Of course, we also don’t neglect emails or quick calls when the situation needs it.

We have a limited budget. Can we collaborate?

Our mindset is that we want to work with people who share the same vision, whether it’s a business just starting out, or one with a long history. If you’re interested in discovering how we work and our discussions are mutually understanding, then rest assured we can establish a great collaboration.


Regarding the budget, the simplest way is to discuss and communicate your objectives with us. This way, we can provide the most concrete advice on how we can approach the collaboration/objectives and decide together on the direction we take.

How long does an average collaboration last with you?

Well, that depends on the type of collaboration.

When it comes to growth partnerships, these start from ground zero and extend on long term. We may have short periods of “cooldown” with clients whose businesses are service based, usually when the volume of leads is too high. However, we use these breathing moments to propose new materials or to implement improvements meant to be tested once the break is over.

When it comes to strictly web development collaborations, the average project lasts between 6 and 10 weeks, an estimate that varies depending on the complexity of the desired website.

Do you develop websites without a long-term collab?

Certainly, we develop websites even without long-term commitments. Our goal is to provide a unique experience for the users of each project, ensuring that the final result aligns with all the objectives you wish to achieve through the website.

How do you structure payments for a full collaboration?

We typically structure collaborations with an initial fee that covers the setup of everything that has to be done in order to run campaign efficiently.

However, if everything is already well prepared, we proceed directly to the campaign setup without any hesitation.

Once past this preparation stage, the advertising management continues based on a payment calculated at the end of the month as a percentage of the performance we generate. For those who prefer a more direct and straightforward approach, we also offer the usual method of payment, a fixed monthly fee, thus avoiding percentage calculations.

What do you guys actually do?

We are a full-service marketing agency dedicated to businesses in the home & design sector, but we believe that the term “growth partners” characterizes us much better because we act as an extension of your team.

We handle various services, from UI/UX design, web development, Google Ads, social ads, to identifying friction points and improving the overall user experience. However, our goal is not just to deliver isolated services; we go a step further and focus on delivering solutions that meet your needs.

From the moment we meet and you communicate your objectives, whether it’s refining your customer base, increasing sales, developing a website, and the list goes on… our goal is to come up with one or more approaches to achieve your goal and decide with you which one is most suitable.