Cookie Policy

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What Are Cookies?


  Cookies are tiny files downloaded to your device while browsing our site. These small pieces of information allow the site to recognize and remember your actions and preferences, thus contributing to the customization of the online experience. It is important to mention that these cookies can be disabled, but this may affect specific site functionalities.

Purpose of Using Cookies


A) Analysis and streamlining of promotion processes

  Through cookies, we conduct detailed analyses to evaluate the performance and efficiency of our site. This approach enables us to identify and implement continuous improvements, ensuring that users’ browsing experience is optimal.

B) Cookies for geographical targeting

We implement cookies to customize promotional campaigns based on your geographic location, ensuring that you receive relevant information for your area of interest.

C) More efficient marketing communication

Through cookies, we enhance the efficiency of our marketing communication. They allow us to deliver content and display ads in line with your online behavior, contributing to a more efficient and relevant interaction.

Google Analytics Cookies


A) What information is collected?

Google Analytics cookies collect anonymous information about how you use our site, including the pages visited, time spent on each page, and traffic sources. This information helps us analyze user behavior and improve the content and functionality of the site.

B) How do we use the collected information?

The information collected through Google Analytics cookies is used exclusively for analytical purposes to evaluate the performance of our site and improve the user experience. We do not use this information to personally identify you.

Meta Pixel


A) What information is collected?

 Pixel-generated cookies collect information about how you use our site. These include standard information about your browsing behavior in an anonymous form. This information is transmitted to Meta and stored by them, including on servers in the United States. Before being transmitted to Meta, your IP address is anonymized.

B) How do we use the collected information?

According to its certification, Meta ensures compliance with the EU-US Privacy Shield framework. In certain situations provided by law or when a third party processes the information on behalf of Meta, it may transfer the data collected by Pixel to that third party. In accordance with the terms of use of Meta Pixel, users’ IP addresses will not be associated with any other data held by Meta.

How Can You Browse Without Cookies?


A) Browser settings

  Modify your browser settings – it’s the first way to manage cookies. Consult the browser’s help menu to see how to adjust these settings and disable cookies.

B) Browsing in incognito or private mode

 Use your browser’s incognito or private mode – it limits the collection of information, as this mode does not retain browsing information, including cookies, after you close the session.

C) Use privacy extensions

  Install browser extensions that block or manage cookies in a personalized way.

Have a Question?


   For any further questions or clarifications regarding our cookie policy, we are here to provide support and detailed information. Our team is available to assist you, and we encourage you to contact us via email at contact@momenthumagency.com.